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FORUM 2020

Building a Resilient Supply Chain 



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September 07, 2020

The event will be held in two ways:
-  by attending the Catajo Castle, the event will be held in the outdoor gardens, respecting the regulations of social distancing as provided by governmental indications related to the Coronavirus emergency
-  by direct streaming on Multimac Linkedin page.
For more information please contact us by writing to or calling the toll free number 800 593 293.

Building a Resilient Supply Chain 

The transformation of demand is a constant of the last 20 years, since the web imposed its rules on the whole business world, while the current pandemic condition has only accelerated some trends that were already emerging. To respond to these new demands, sales channels will be transformed forever, with purchases and fulfillment that will increasingly rely on digital tools;  this will put considerable pressure on supply chains to create and deliver products in new and more efficient ways. 

In this new normal landscape, the transparency and visibility of supply chains will play a critical role: This means rethinking the supply chain architecture to build the conditions for adaptability to new needs and digitize the workflow so that we can react to dynamic changes in demand, or problems, quickly and in a timely manner.

Technologies that digitize the physical world can provide transparency and create the agility that supply chains today demand. Building a dynamic supply chain with a significant amount of adaptability requires visibility into operations and data. Each component and process must be visible to ensure that the end product can be verified and monitored, identifying where the workflow can be optimized and whether organizations are operating as efficiently as possible in accordance with labor standards and regulatory requirements. This will enable a rapid response to possible future shocks such as the one that is still disrupting the entire planet today, and provide resilience during these unforeseen events.
It is precisely the term resilience, already widely used in the past, that is becoming critical:  this expression implies the ability to respond to shocks and impacts proactively, not losing its identity, being able to absorb shocks and recovering the original appearance after external stress. 

Many analyses of the sector show that there are four prerogatives to make a company system evolve towards the new industrial paradigm: scope of action, key competences and organisation combined with on-shoring processes. 
bringing the supply chain ever closer to the heart of the business or demand, a factor born in the name of resilience, risk reduction, speed of delivery and, for many governments, national security.

Those who will be able to recalibrate these aspects by reshaping the entire supply chain will emerge above the competition, taking care that each of them must be able to support the others.




Opening speech

Daniele Nonnato, Multimac


Creating new resilience in the Pandemic Supply Chain
Prof. Alessandro Persona, Università di Padova

Wearable Device and Augmented Reality  for maximum operational productivity
Simone Comuzzo, Zebra Technologies



 Blockchain's new frontiers revolutionize the supply chain
Pietro Lanza, IBM


Coffee Break


The latest technologies and frontiers of Zebra Technologies Industrial IoT
Live streaming with the Zebra Technologies' Experience Center in London, Alessandra Curzi


Artificial Intelligence and Data Analitycs revolutionize businesses from the Cloud
Ugo Mastracchio, Zebra Technologies


Ensure business continuity with Cloud-based labeling
Paul Vogt, Nice Label


The enabling power of RFID and RTLS : the value of real-time data
Roberto Donolato, Zebra Technologies


Intelligent automation as a motor of operational quality
Elena Nogales, Fetch Robotics


Lunch Break



Via Catajo, 1, 35041

Battaglia Terme PD

With over 350 rooms, the Giardino delle Delizie, the 40 hectare lot, Catajo Castle is one of the most unforgettable and majestic historical dwellings in Europe.
Visit your dream: the natural elegance of the palace of the Euganean hills.

A monumental building full of history, charm and legends, built in the 16th century by Pio Enea I of the Obizzi family in Battaglia Terme (Padova); Catajo Castle is a unique dwelling that over time has served as a royal villa and military lodging, as well as an important literary circle.

The castle was built to celebrate the splendors of the Obizzi family; it was enlarged in the 17th and 18th centuries and subsequently transformed into a ducal palace by the Asburgo-Este family from Modena. Eventually it became the imperial resort of the House of Habsburg, emperors of Austria. Already in the 16th century it had become the location of one the most important collections in Europe.





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